About The Panama Canal

The Panama CanalAfter the historic struggle that culminated in its recovery, and given the efficient, profitable, safe and transparent way that the Panamanian administration has managed the Canal after its turnover on December 31, 1999, today the Canal is a source of pride for all Panamanians.

Each generation made their own contribution to the Canal’s success: first, with the construction of the Panama Canal, then through the amendments to obtain fairer conditions for Panama and the signing of a treaty with the United States for the definite turnover; and finally, during the transition process and the more than five years of successful Panamanian administration. Together, all of these generations forged a history of sacrifice, passion and vision.

Today, the Panama Canal is presented with new challenges and opportunities, defined by a sustained increase in international trade and the subsequent greater demand for the Panama transit route. We have already proven, both to the international community and to ourselves that we are capable of managing the Canal with the highest standards of efficiency. But now we have to make the decisions that will optimize Canal operations and sustain its growing profitability for present and future generations.

The Panama Canal Master Plan, the proposal for the third set of locks project and the reports from studies and investigations were developed in order to present for public debate a reference material in the appropriate context, as well as an adequate basis and technical foundation for the subject in discussion. Included here are the analyses, data, and key subjects of discussion that were researched and studied during the last five years since the Canal administration became Panamanian, and support the proposal that to continue investing in the Canal is not only wise, but essential and beneficial for Panama.

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This excursion was one of the best I've ever taken. It met all of my expectations. I will highly recommend it to friends & family and hope to take another transit of the canal someday.

Linda Janka,
March 12, 2015