Panama Exploration Cruise - Discovery

The Journey Between the Seas

Panama Exploration Cruise

A journey in the Discovery is a feast of intense, sensory experiences: the aroma of remote places, the texture of unknown things, the multicolor tapestry of nature, the accent of unheard languages, and the exquisite flavor of what has never before been tasted; that is the incomparable feeling of penetrating the secrets of other worlds, other lives.

About The Experience

The Discovery

Passenger numbers on the Discovery are limited to just 24, ensuring everyone can enjoy serenity and privacy together with the excitement and closeness of a true exploration cruise.

The Discovery is a 33 meter, purpose built catamaran providing 8 queen and 4 twin cabins. All cabins have individual climate control, bathrooms and huge windows which extend along the length of the cabin allowing you to enjoy the scenery in complete privacy.

The dining area, bar and lounge are located on the mid deck which is fitted with floor to ceiling “glass walls” providing a spectacular dining experience and plenty of space to unwind. A BBQ and sun deck are located on the topmost observation deck.

The Discovery is equipped with a unique platform that lowers kayakers gently into the water and also retrieves them in perfect safety and comfort.

Being met with cocktails, hot chocolate after an excursion was great. Hors d´vours is appreciated. Roberta was a saint for handling a unsupervised child. Information throughout the trip was fascinating. Not just the "mechanics" of the canal - much more personal information.

— March 27, 2017

Our guide Jose, and the whole discovery crew were extremely helpful all day long, providing great meals, beverages, help with kayaking, snorkeling, pointing out birds and animals, and describing the canal. Being on the Discovery was like being at home, with all the conforts, and wonderful, friendly staff taking care of us. This trip exceeded my expectations.

— December 2, 2016

All of the crew were excellent, patient. Wonderful group. Guides were excellent too. The trip went by too fast. Thanks.

— May 27, 2016