Terms and Conditions

A deposit of $500 per person is required to confirm any reservation. The deposit must be received by PMA within 5 business days of the date of booking.

On receipt of cleared deposit by PMA a binding contract shall be deemed to exist between the passenger(s) and PMA subject to the terms and conditions herein.

All cruise reservations are confirmed on the basis that reservations made by one person on behalf of themselves and/or other persons shall be deemed as acceptance of the conditions herein by all persons.

Final payment must be received by PMA 90 days before departure or in full if the reservation is made within 90 days of departure. If full payment is not received in time the reservation will be cancelled and the deposit will be returned in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Number of Days to Departure
Cancellation Fee (per person)
91 days or more No penalty. Deposit is returned.
90 - 61 days 25% of total fare.
60 - 31 days 50% of total fare.
30 days or less 100% of total fare. No Refunds.



2015 - Category 1: $3950  / Category 2: $4050

2016 – Category 1: $3950  / Category 2: $4050

* There will be a $250 per person early booking discount for direct clients if full payment is received by PMA 180 days before departure.
** Charter rates are available upon request.

Price includes:

  • Transfers of passengers to and from the ship.
  • Transportation, shore excursions, and the use of equipment.
  • All meals and beverages onboard the ship.
  • Taxes and port charges.

Price does not include:

  • International Airfare.
  • Lodging in Panama City.
  • Personal gear.
  • Naturalist guide and crew gratuities.

Tipping is not required on your Discovery expedition. However, if you wish to offer a gratuity as a gesture of thanks for services rendered, we thank you. Tipping is a personal matter and passengers are encouraged to tip an amount they find appropriate. For those passengers who inquire, we suggest you follow international guidelines of $125 - $150 per passenger on our 6-night cruise. Gratuities are divided among all crew members including naturalist guides. Please deposit the gratuities inside the box provided for this purpose at the end of the cruise.

Cruise itineraries are subject to wind, tide and weather conditions and are operated at the sole discretion of Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. in the interests of the safety and welfare of the passengers, vessel and crew. Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. reserves the absolute right to decline to accept or retain any person(s) on any cruise, shore excursion or other cruise activity, to cancel, amend or alter any cruise schedule or cruise itinerary, shore excursion or any other service for any reason which Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. in its absolute and sole discretion considers desirable or necessary in the interests of the vessels and or passengers safety and/or well being. Arrival and departure times various places of call are provided as a guide only and in this regard no warranty, condition or guarantee, express or implied, is given or intended. The minimum number of passengers to operate the cruise is 8 people. Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any cruise 30 days before the departure date in which case the full payment will be reimbursed.

A baggage allowance of two (2) items per passenger is permitted. It is recommended that baggage be kept to a minimum. All baggage must be clearly and durably marked and identified with passenger(s) name and address. Passengers should ensure that all baggage, valuables and other personal items are comprehensively insured. No intoxicating liquors, firearms, weapons, nor toxic, flammable, illegal or dangerous goods or substances shall be carried without the prior written consent of Panama Marine Adventures, Inc.

Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss or damage, of whatsoever nature arising of passenger(s) baggage, valuables and/or person articles and valuables, the liability for which shall at all times remain solely with the passenger(s) and in this regard the passenger(s) shall release and indemnify Panama marine Adventures, Inc. from any claim or liability.

Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. will exercise due diligence to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers throughout the cruise. Passenger(s) are required to keep clear of all ships ropes, machinery and other equipment at all times. Passenger(s) are required to exercise caution and seek assistance when boarding or alighting from ships and/or tenders. Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. shall not be liable for and the passenger(s) shall release and indemnify Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. from and against all liabilities, claims, causes of action, suits and/or demands either contractual or tortious at both law and in equity of whatsoever nature whosoever arising in relation to the provision of transportation and/or other cruise services including but not restricted to shore activities and transfers between ship and shore by Panama Marine Adventures, Inc., together with any other matter direct or indirect to the passenger(s) booking and or subsequent cruise participation.

Any person or persons who, in the opinion of any executive of Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. , appears to be by reason of behavior, appearance, illness or other infirmity (whether physical or mental), unfit to embark upon or participate on a cruise or may be likely in the opinion of the aforesaid Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. personal to impair the health, safety, enjoyment, or reasonable comfort of the other passengers may be refused permission to embark on any cruise or may be landed at any place of call or transferred to any berth, cabin or stateroom, and Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. shall not be liable and the passenger(s) shall release and indemnify Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. from any claim of whatsoever nature arising out of (whether directly or indirectly) any decision or action taken by Panama Marine Adventures, inc. pursuant to this clause. In this regard passengers are required to advise Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. prior to embarkation on any cruise of any matter, fact, condition or thing of which they are aware which may affect the passenger(s) own or other passengers health, safety, comfort and enjoyment during the cruise.

Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. may photograph or film passengers and their activities during the course of an expedition cruise. These materials can be used by Panama Marine Adventures, Inc for marketing purposes or training activities without any obligation to compensate the passenger. Copies of these materials could also be purchased for a modest charge.

The passenger(s) shall release and indemnify Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. from and against any cause of action, claim, liability, suit or demand of whatsoever nature howsoever arising whether directly or indirectly whether contractual or tortious either at law or in equity for any loss, damage, injury, illness, delay, inconvenience, or expense suffered, sustained, or incurred by the passenger(s) as a result of or by any reason of either directly or indirectly any act or omission of whatsoever nature by Panama Marine Adventures, Inc., its employees, agents, suppliers, invitees, crew, other passengers, or other persons whomsoever, whether on board a Panama Marine Adventure, Inc. vessel or not, or from any perils of the sea or on land or whatsoever other cause. All company defenses, and passenger releases and indemnities shall extend in total for and to the benefit of all Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. employees, servants, agents, suppliers, invitees, shareholders, heirs, successors, and assigns.

No refunds shall be payable to any passenger(s) for any unavailed service(s) once the cruise has commenced, other than for a decision by Panama Marine Adventures, Inc. to interrupt any cruise for any reason including but not limited to wind, tide, weather, passenger(s) safety, industrial action, loss or failure of machinery or equipment, vessel damage or safety, force.


“The crew were thoroughly profesional, very charming and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. Full Works! a very well ran ship. Our guide Jose was top class, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, always helpful. A most enjoyable, well organised trip. Thanks all. ”

Virginia Fraser -
March 26, 2015