The exciting way to experience Panama City

The AQUABUS is the only amphibious vessel in Central America. This very unique vehicle drives through the city streets and then plunges into the Bay of Panama and at Causeway of Amador providing a fun and unforgettable journey.

Come and experience Panama City with us like you have never done before on a sightseeing tour by land and sea!


We invite you to live this exciting adventure!

Feel the thrill of the Aquabus jumping into the water!

The Aquabus

The AQUABUS is a custom-made Hydra Terra model amphibious vehicle designed and built by C.A.M.I LLC., in Bluffton, South Carolina, USA. Each vehicle is US Coast Guard certified and approved as a passenger vehicle for use on roadways.

This amphibious vehicle came from the concept of the DUKWs which were used by the US military during World War II to transport goods and troops to places that required a wet landing. The name DUKW was given by the General Motor Company, company that built the first prototype.

The vessel is equipped with life jackets for all passengers and crew.

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Feet Wide
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