Our History

Panama Marine Adventures was stablished in 2003 with the strategic vision of creating and developing high quality leisure products for the tourism industry that take advantage of the special relationship that Panama has with the oceans.

The Pacific Queen started operations in Panama on November 2003 offering partial and full Panama Canal transit tours. The canal is one of the most important attractions that Panama has to offer, and there is no better way to experience this unique engineering marvel. More than 200,000 travelers have experienced the canal up close onboard the Pacific Queen.

Panama Marine Adventures launched the exclusive small expedition vessel M/V Discovery in 2007 with our insignia 7-day program called “The Journey between the Seas”. Travelers explore from coast to coast, experiencing nature, culture, native communities, pristine beaches, the Panama Canal and the rich history that defined Panama as a place of transit and travel since the beginning of times.

Why to choose us

Our vision is to offer world-class tourism products and experiences that leave a mark in people’s lives making us goodwill ambassadors of Panama.

Our mission is to obtain a round of applause or a big smile from our clients and the recognition as one of the best experience providers in the world.

Affiliations & Partners

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