Panama Canal Tours

The Panama Canal, celebrating its 100th anniversary in August 2014, is Panama’s most popular tourist attraction. The best way to experience the canal is in a cruise onboard the Pacific Queen. During your transit, you will have the unique opportunity to see the Canal up close in operation. You will transit with the big ships and see the tug boats in operation and of course, the locks themselves. You can feel the sensation of going up or down to get from one ocean to the other.

A once in a lifetime adventure and experience, whether it be a partial or full transit, Panama Marine Adventures looks forward to transiting you through the Panama Canal.

Panama Marine Adventures offers both partial and full transits through the Panama Canal. Depending on your time schedule, you can select the most appropriate option.

Tour options:

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sun block, sunglasses, camera, umbrella or raincoat and money for souvenirs.







A great trip! I am showing the photos to my friends and relatives.

Jim Thorton
January 3, 2013