Panama Exploration Cruise - Discovery

The Journey

Enjoy a little bit of everything that Panama offers: history, beaches, nature, culture, gastronomy and the Panama Canal.

The Experience

A journey in the Discovery is a feast of intense, sensory experiences: the aroma of remote places, the texture of unknown things, the multicolor tapestry of nature, the accent of unheard languages, and the exquisite flavor of what has never before been tasted; that is the incomparable feeling of penetrating the secrets of other worlds, other lives. That proximity is life, it is beginning and end.

The yearning for that closeness is the virtue and spirit of the true traveler and it is the reason for the Journey Between the Seas. That communion of body and spirit is only possible within the intimate realm of a compact craft, designed to cover the narrowest marine routes that take us to pristine lands.

The Discovery. Journey Between the Seas

Welcome onboard

A crew of ten has been carefully selected and trained to ensure a perfect journey for the 24 exclusive passengers of the Discovery. Inside the cozy, spacious cabins and lounges, the magic of night melts imperceptibly with the fabulous sunrises at amazing places that offer their purest charms at dawn ready for a day of excursion. From its decks, everything looks close, vivid, amazing, moving and...unforgettable.

Some of your cruise highlights are:

  • Daylight transit guaranteed
  • Snorkel and kayak in pristine beaches
  • A day with the Embera Indians in Darien
  • Bathe in history and nature at the same time in the Chagres River

Onboard the Discovery you will find enthusiastic expedition leaders that will provide insight and profound understanding of the adventure you will undertake. They are experienced and well-trained naturalists ready to share their vast knowledge and understanding.

Our expedition leaders share a love for history and a passion for nature. They will introduce you to native human groups that still preserve their customs and traditions, and to a world of stunning.

They are experts on their fields and they will make your journey onboard the Discovery an unforgettable experience.

Panamanian gastronomy

Savor our Panamanian haute gastronomy as we delight you with exquisite dishes prepared by our talented chef. Enjoy them with a local beer or with your favorite selection of wine.

Panama Exploration Cruise

Your 7-day cruise includes:

  • Transfers of passengers to and from the ship.
  • Transportation, shore excursions, and the use of equipment.
  • All meals and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) onboard the ship.
  • Taxes and port charges.